God can use you!

IMG_20131024_130629I came across this picture on facebook a couple of months ago and it made me think about the people that Good used in the Bible. We often hold them up as paragons of virtue believing that they set a standard to which we must attain, but this photo made me think and realise that they were, in reality, a bunch of what we would call no hopers. God did not use them because they were good enough, or because they were the best, he used them because they were willing to submit to and be led by Him.

A Faithful God

I admit that I often struggle with the Christian Faith

I struggle to read the word of God regularly

I struggle to pray regularly

I struggle to Love others as the Bible teaches me to

I struggle to live by faith

I struggle with the temptations of this world

I have wanted at times to give and go my own way


There is nowhere else to go

There is no-one else reliable and trustworthy enough to put my Trust in

There is no other Truth but in God, through Christ alone

Even when I feel that God is against me, there is no-one else to go to, but to Him (Psalm 60)

Even when I fail and am not faithful to Him, He shows how great He is by His Faithfulness to me (Romans 3v1-8)

My Jesus

Heard this song a couple of days ago and just wanted to share it, it is a reminder of who Jesus was, the people that he came to save and also a reminder that we should not sanitise Jesus to make him more acceptable and less offensive to others.